If you know me, apologies for not staying in touch. Its not that I find your company boring or irritating. I’ve just been really, really busy. Honestly.

If you don’t know me, I am slightly surprised that you are on this page. Why a perfect stranger may want to read about my thoughts and experiences, especially given how generally unremarkable my life is, is a question to which I don’t have an answer. You might be better off searching google for the blog of someone who has done something particularly special – like Obama or Irfan Pathan (who I am told plays good cricket).

I’m working on doing something really significant during the course of my life but I haven’t had much luck so far. You can continue to read my blog and I promise to tell you when it happens. Then again, you don’t need to go through the trouble because unless you live in a dark subterranean hole (or in a far away place like Yemen or Malad) you’ll probably hear about it on the news or read about it in the paper. Your call.

PS – if you are a stalker, you’re wasting your time – I’m not rich, famous or beautiful. If you’re staking me for the lack of better options, it means you are the absolute bottom of the stalker pyramid. That must suck. I’d suggest you go hang out at the self-help section of the nearest bookstore. You might find someone worth stalking there. Keep in mind that they’ll be signing books – no one worth stalking would ever buy a self-help book.