I think new year’s resolutions are a good idea. To make them more effective, I think its even more important to review them at the end of the year. I had posted the resolutions below on Facebook almost exactly one year ago. Below is my report card for the year –

Resolution: spend less time on my blackberry and more time with my daughter.

Evaluation: A. I still work way too many hours and I’m still addicted to my blackberry. But I did way better than the previous year. And I spent much more time with Ria than I have previously. Given my choice of profession and the current economic environment, I think any further improvement in work/life balance will come at a financial cost that I’m not prepared to pay.

2012 Resolution: Need to get smarter about this – after all, I now need to give time to 2 children.


Resolution: spend less time updating my facebook status and more time meeting friends.

Evaluation: F. I spent way too much time on Facebook. Less than the previous year but still too much. And I was more anti-social than I have ever been.

2012 Resolution: Same as 2011. But this time, I’ve got to get it right.


Resolution: play lots of polo, and play really well.

Evaluation: B+. To be fair, I’m still a pretty lousy player. But I spent 12 days in Jaipur and 10 days in Jodhpur trying to improve my game. I played 3 tournaments during the year and won all 3. With a full time job and a family, I’m not sure I can give the sport any more time or energy.

2012 Resolution: Play as much as I did in 2011 but play a lot better.


Resolution: travel to places I have never seen and do things I have never done.

Evaluation: A+. Made it to Rio, Buenos Aires, Madrid, and Jaipur – all cities I have never seen before. And I did lots of cool stuff.

2012 Resolution: Given that we have a young baby in the house, I will need to be more modest with my aspirations – but I still want to go see some new places in 2012.


Resolution: collect memories rather than frequent flier miles.

Evaluation: A+. Awesome memories – the birth of my son, staying at the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, chilling on Ipanema Beach, Polo lesson at La Martina, the list goes on. And I earned less frequent flyer miles in 2011 than in any of the preceding 7 years.

2012 Resolution: Need to collect even more memories. And it would not be a bad idea to collect some frequent flyer miles as well.


Resolution: prioritize everything. watching TV does not qualify as a priority. Ever.

Evaluation: D. I spent way too much time watching TV. And I could have been far more efficient with my time.

2012 Resolution: Same as 2011. But this time, I’ve got to get it right.


Resolution: sleep less. workout more.

Evaluation: B. I slept less and worked out more. By October, I was healthier than I had ever been in my life. But then I screwed up my elbow in Jaipur and it all went downhill from there.

2012 Resolution: I need to develop more discipline. If I could only cut down my consumption of ice cream…..


Resolution: earn more money and waste less of it. maybe even try and save a little.

Evaluation: F. I earned less and spent more. I’m not going to beat myself up about this – you only live once, might as well live well. And the economy is in shambles, which hurts everyone’s earning power – I’m no exception.

2012 Resolution: I need to get smarter about this, especially given that the economy is unlikely to recover anytime soon….


Resolution: focus on doing a brilliant job by working smarter, not harder.

Evaluation: A- It’s been a brilliant year in terms of work. I must’ve done something right. But I genuinely think I could have done better.

2012 Resolution: Must do better than 2011.


Resolution: stretch more often. maybe even do yoga every once in a while.

Evaluation: A+. I stretch everyday. But to be fair, the credit for this goes to my physiotherapist, not me. Without the routine she put together for me, my back would have been an absolute disaster.

2012 Resolution: To keep up the momentum built in 2011.


Resolution: get a haircut. preferably early in the year.

Evaluation: A+. Unlikely that I can do anything about it but the hair I didn’t cut off has largely gone grey. I’m not going to fight it. Heck, if Pierce Brosnan and George Clooney can age gracefully, why cant I?

2012 Resolution: To shave off my beard. With this, I’m definitely going to get stopped at the airport…