I’m not one of those right-wing gun-loving Americans who’s gladly see the environment go to hell so that I can drive an SUV guilt-free. I care enough about global warming to take public transport where practical, replace my bulbs with CFLs and recycle everything that I possibly can. My fervor stops at the airport though. The tree-huggers demonize air travel like it’s the singular cause of global warming, though improvements in household insulation and changes in driving habits would have a potential effect on Co2 levels that even elimination of air travel would never be able to deliver. Personally, I think the fact that travel is so accessible and cheap has done wonders for the world. People who have traveled are much more tolerant of other cultures, less racist and generally more worldly wise. By all means, find ways to get airlines to upgrade their fleets to more efficient aircraft but don’t try to reduce air travel. You’ll fail and the people you’ll prevent from traveling are most likely to be the ones who would benefit the most from it.