Its one of those mornings that just don’t happen often enough. No alarm clock to wake me up, a perfect shot of espresso, a cold shower, the comfort and reliability of a Meru cab to take me to the airport where I was greeted by a smiling Jet Airways employee, an empty lounge, a complimentary upgrade to Premiere and an impossibly beautiful girl on the next seat (who must have had an impossibly sociable Friday night at China House given that fell into deep slumber as soon as she sat down). I was clearly not going to get much conversation out of her (unless she started talking in her sleep, which might have been rather amusing) so I tore through a few chapters of Alain De Botton’s ‘The Architecture of Happiness’. While I love De Botton’s writing style, I cannot take more than a few chapters in a single go of his overly-eloquent, highly-descriptive and thought-provoking writing. My parents tell me that its raining cats and dogs in Chennai – we’re only 30 minutes away and the sky here seems clear and really bright. I’m scared of reaching over Miss Size-Zero to shut the window-blinds lest she think that I were trying to grope her. Then again, she seems completely passed out. Maybe she’s unconscious. I hope it’s not my fault – I did douse myself with deodorant before leaving the house. Nope – she just moved – she’s alive – great. Yaay – she just shut the window blind ! The seat belt signs have come on and the stewardess will be here shortly asking me (with a smile of-course) to put away my computer while she secretly wonders if I am too retarded to obey the in-flight announcement. Call it Schadenfreude but I also hope she wakes Miss Size-Zero. I am seriously jealous of this girl’s ability to sleep right through the flight. But given that she never reclined her seat or removed her seatbelt, I suspect she will be left in peace.